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We deliver “trade specific” construction estimating services for contractors and owners commercial and residential specializing in tenant fit-outs framing drywall acoustical ceilings. We are a fee-based company generating estimate reports and building material takeoffs for contractors and home owners commercial and residential building projects. To begin, we cover all 50 states. That is to say, we work nationwide with general contractors and sub-contractors. In addition, we also work with owners and builder/developers for commercial and residential projects.

Commercial construction estimating service 

We can generate cost estimate reports for your entire building structure (shell and or interior). Conversely, we can also generate building takeoffs for example to create material lists. Furthermore, we specialize in interior building fit outs. Examples of build outs are office space, retail space, warehouse etc. Likewise, healthcare, as well as industrial, hotels, institutional and government buildings. Our commercial projects for instance give us the opportunity to work with the best sub and general contractors in the commercial sector. Our reports by the same token cover the architectural trades such as divisions 5-10 explicitly for your project bidding. Specializing in division 9.

The majority of our commercial work is comprised of metal framing, insulation, drywall and acoustical ceilings. Carpentry such as rough framing together with finish carpentry and blocking. Likewise, roofing, painting, flooring etc. when requested.

To a lesser degree, demolition, foundation work and masonry can be included.

Best of all, our commercial reports are prepared by CSI division.

Above all, our commercial reports provide detailed takeoff and estimate reports. In addition to quantities, our reports include separate materials as well as labor data. Our labor information is derived from use of production rates which drive the listed man hours per task. We also list “combined” labor together with material. Lastly, our reports also include pricing by unit. For example, square foot, lineal feet, pieces etc. As a result, you can use our reports as a budget document to track your actual cost by line item. In short, this helps keep your overall project on time and within budget. Bonus!

Commercial projects range from small build-outs for example to medium size remodels all the way to large ground up projects.

Likewise, large government and institutional facilities. New and remodeled.

Fast turnaround for those fast-track projects.

Therefore, bid the complete interior package. General contractors like to deal with as few sub-contractors as possible. As a result, when you bid the entire interior package, it also increases your chances therefore of being awarded the contract. 

From concept to closeout, we can as a result help improve your chances of getting awarded those highly sought-after contracts. Increase you bids with highly accurate estimate reports by using contacting

To sum up, for this reason, let provide your construction estimating services.

Your best source for building cost estimates and project management

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Residential construction estimating service

Furthermore, in addition to commercial work, we also work equally with residential projects serving the best architects, builders, owners as well as developers. From remodels to custom homes. We also work for example with the builders plans that sometimes have one base floor plan with multiple options. In these cases, the base floor plan and all options are on their own respective separate report sheets respectively. Our construction estimating services specifically cover the architectural trades for your project bidding. Divisions 5 thru 10.

Our residential build projects begin with concrete and masonry foundation work for this reason. The main structure likewise includes insulation, roofing and carpentry, rough framing and finish carpentry along with cabinetry installation. Finally, drywall, painting, flooring along with any unique finishes etc.

Accordingly, residential projects range from 500 square foot to 20,000 square feet. These account for additions, remodels and of course new builds.

To sum up, let us provide your construction estimating services.

Your best source for estimates and project management.

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Metal and/or wood

metal framed radiused soffits
metal framed soffits


Gypsum and Densglass

drywall partition
drywall new construction



acoustical hallway ceiling
acoustical ceiling hallway

Light gauge metal framing Wood framing


Acoustical ceiling estimates

Who can benefit from our construction estimating services?

General contractors







Trades supported but not limited to –

Carpentry – Rough framing and finish carpentry

Insulation – batts, panels, spray



Metal Framing

Drywall/Gypsum board

Acoustical ceilings




Project Types




Restaurant / Hospitality




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To receive a quote, email your project drawings (preferably in pdf or tiff format) along with the specifications to Alternatively, a website where the drawings can be downloaded along with any info required to access the drawings. We also request a scope of work and equally important, the bid date. Immediately following our review of the drawings, we will email you a quote regarding the cost. Once we have your approval, we will schedule your job and give you a tentative delivery date.

Finally, we can help free up more of your valuable time to run your business and ultimately be more lean, mean and cost efficient.

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