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22 DC Area Projects

22 DC area projects to watch for in 2022. For those in the Washington DC area, these high-profile, high-impact jobs valued in the billions are

Ongoing Supply Chain Disruptions

Ongoing supply chain disruptions and virus spikes could spell feast or famine for industrial construction contractors in 2022 With the ongoing supply chain disruptions and

Economic Forecast 2022

The Economic Forecast 2022 from Demand will most likely flatten, labor remains tight, and the virus is still the wildcard. Most contractors and subcontractors

2022 Construction Growth Forecast

2022 construction growth forecast to top 2019 levels Total construction starts predicted to rise above 2019 levels, says Dodge Construction Network.Dodge Construction Network Construction starts will

Fully Recovered Job Markets

The following are five fully recovered job markets from covid-19. Salt Lake City, Austin and Jacksonville are among the strongest employment markets in the U.S.

Coronavirus Mandate for Certain Employers

Vaccine Mandate for Certain Employers to Take Effect January 4 Coronavirus mandate. The Department of Labor issues emergency temporary standard to protect workers from coronavirus

Supply Chain Woes

Why there’s no relief in sight for supply-chain woes – or the accompanying price hikes The ongoing supply chain crisis that’s affecting a range of

Careful wording of contracts

The Dotted Line: Careful wording of contracts can combat price escalations Rising materials prices make it more important than ever for contractors to limit risk

Drywall Innovations for 2021

The latest in drywall innovations for 2021 gypsum board products and the accessories/tools that are affiliated with them. A round-up of new drywall products introduced