Chicago lumber futures traded near $1,000 per thousand board feet, the lowest since December 21st, as demand collapsed amid soaring costs and transports bottlenecks. Since the beginning of the year, the wood prices have been buoyed by supply disruptions and a hot housing market, however, as the prices have touched multi-week highs an index of framing composite has more than tripled which represented an additional $20,000 of an average new home price, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Also, labor shortage and transportation woes are making it harder to get building supplies, negatively impacting the demand as it is prompting builders to postpone or cancel projects.

Lumber (USD/1000 board feet) 934.90  -44.99998 (-4.59%)
 Price  DayMonthYear
Soybeans 1527.2500 372.48%12.82%13.21%
Wheat 773.5000 12.251.61%2.18%20.12%
Lumber 934.90 -45.00-4.59%-15.93%7.36%
Cheese 1.90 -0.0040-0.21%7.91%14.42%
Palm Oil 5,592.00 -36.00-0.64%15.13%64.91%
Milk 20.36 -0.01-0.05%10.53%26.30%
Cocoa 2605.00 773.05%4.20%2.24%
Cotton 127.18 0.39-0.31%12.17%58.70%
Rubber 233.50 2.501.08%3.92%-3.91%
Orange Juice 146.05 1.6-1.08%-0.07%35.29%
Coffee 239.90 4.82.04%7.52%91.54%
Oat 715.2500 19.752.84%4.81%106.51%
Wool 1,407.00 00%3.61%8.99%
Rice 15.0550 0.005-0.03%2.87%12.69%
Canola 1023.90 10.71.06%-1.59%43.05%
Sugar 18.54 0.321.76%-1.01%13.87%
Tea 2.86 0.082.88%-2.05%-15.63%
Corn 637.0000 111.76%8.06%17.27%

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Lumber Futures

Lumber is wood that has been processed into beams and planks. The biggest producers of lumber are concentrated in the Baltic Sea region and North America. The futures contract traded on Chicago Mercantile Exchange specifies that the lumber must be manufactured in certain U.S. states and Canadian provinces.
 934.90979.901711.20111.701978 – 2022USD/1000 board feetDaily

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