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About CTE

Our about CTE page gives a little history. Specializing in commercial tenant improvements, we work with the best sub and general contractors in the commercial building trades.

Over 40 years of actual nuts and bolts construction experience. To begin with, our experience started in the field as carpenters. Subsequently we acted as a  sub contractor. And finally we became a general contractor. Selling, bidding, designing when required, building etc.

As a result, our experience has given us first hand knowledge of what is required to bid your jobs. We’ve worn all of the hats.

Our line item reports give you everything necessary to bid your jobs. On the contrary, we do not include the unnecessary details at the bidding stage which keeps our pricing cost effective.

Reports are highly detailed without the unnecessary fluff that makes comprehending confusing. Line items are generated for each task. For each line item, you will have quantities (sq ft, lin ft, each), material cost per unit and material cost and total per line item. Also the production rate, man hours per unit and man hours total. We then include labor cost per unit, labor cost total and total material and labor combined.

We follow that up with the total (your) cost per unit and total per line item. Incidentals such as tax, equipment rental, overhead, profit, supervision, fasteners, mobilization etc are separate line items and all are editable. With everything editable, you have the ability to fine tune your bid to arrive at a number you feel comfortable submitting.

A lot of information to absorb, but our experience has funneled down just the absolute information required. Once you take a few minutes to review one of our reports, you’ll see that they are really very easy to understand and comprehend. 

Our experience has fine tuned our process so that the reports give you all of the information required to submit a accurate bid without capturing every nut and bolt which just drives the cost up for us to generate our reports and is really unnecessary for bidding purposes. By doing so, the cost is reflective and passed on to you. 

What we do not include

In contrast to our competitors, we don’t try to be
everything to everyone. We specialize in the architectural trades. Divisions 5 through 10.
underground, no excavation, no MEP’s. We do what we do best and do it
better than anyone.

Let us help you reduce your manpower, overhead costs and improve your bottom line.

Contact us by phone or email. We’re ready when you are.

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